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Whether it is your first visit or tenth visit, London Lash offers superior beauty therapy services and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Founded seven years ago, and originally called Lady Lash, our studio as grown to be one of the top locations in London for high quality eyelash extensions. Situated in the luxurious fashionista core of Central London, the lash technicians at London Lash Studio offer exceptional service catered to each individual. With a rapidly growing client base, it is no surprise that a majority of London Lash Studio clients are returning time and time again. The staff at London Lash Studio are all fully qualified and highly experienced beauty therapists. They provide a professional and friendly environment as well as sound consultative advice.  

With over seven years experience, London Lash Studio is one of the best lash salons in London. Having performed over 10,000 sets of eyelashes ranging from 2D to 9D in volume, London Lash Studio therapists are well experienced and at the forefront of all the latest techniques in eyelash industry and one of the first salons in the world who's launched revolutionary Russian Volume Technique. Our warm personality and attention to detail always means the best possible experience.

London Lash Studio is a certified member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) and Beauty Guild.

Price List

LASH ARTIST (Miki, Rebecca) 1-2 years of eyelash extensions experience :

Classic Natural Set: 1D - £75

Natural Set: 150-170 lashes 2-3D - £85

Glamorous set: 170-220 lashes 4-5D - £100

Infills: 1hr 10min/1hr 20min - £50/£55

Classic Infills: 1hr 20min - £55

SENIOR LASH ARTIST (Mihaela, Dori) over 2 years of eyelash extensions experience :

Classic Natural Set: 1D - £90

Natural Set: 150-170 lashes 2-3D - £100

Glamorous Set: 170-220 lashes 4-5D - £125

Dramatic Set: 300-1000 lashes 6D+ - £150

Infills: 1hr/1hr 10min/1hr 20min - £48/£54/£60

MASTER LASH ARTIST (Dasha, Natasha, Veronica, Karolina) over 3 years of eyelash extensions experience :

Natural Set: 150-170 lashes 2-3D - £125

Glamorous Set: 170-220 lashes  4-5D - £150

Dramatic Set 300-1000 lashes 6D+  - £175

Infills: 1hr/1hr 10min/1hr 20min - £60/£66/£72

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Terms and conditions


We send confirmation texts and emails for all of our appointments. If you do not receive these between 24 hours of booking your appointment and 48 hours prior to your appointment then please contact us ASAP via email or call the salon as this your appointment is not confirmed. This can be due to incorrect contact information, a problem with our booking system or a miscommunication that can be resolved easily if we are informed.

Please note: When booking infills please ensure that you have at least  40-50% of lashes left on, any appointments after 5 weeks will need to be booked as a full set appointment.


In order to confirm your booking we require a 50% deposit for all appointments,  including infills and eyebrow services. This will need to be paid BEFORE we can confirm your appointment and is fully refundable in line with our policy below. The deposit can be paid over the phone 02037013329 or, if you book an appointment online,  with PayPal or credit/debit card. The reservations of your bookings will be held for 72 hours (3 days) and will be DELETED if the deposit has not been paid. 

Cancellation, rescheduling and missed appointments

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment via email/telephone/text message. Cancellations and rescheduling are free of charge if done at least 24 hours prior the appointment; after which a late cancellation fee of £30 will be charged before making a new booking.  Salon reception working hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm. Cancellations and rescheduling less than 12 working hours before your appointment or missed appointments will result you losing the deposit. Late cancelling, late rescheduling or missing infill appointments more than once will result you losing the deposit.


Please arrive early. Every appointment has been allocated a time slot especially for the needs of a guest and we would like you to get the most of your appointment time. if it is your first visit, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment in order to complete your consultation and remove make up without cutting into your appointment time. For returning guests, please arrive at least 5-10 minutes earlier to get ready. If you have make up on, please allow yourself 10 minutes extra to remove all make up. Being unable to arrive early with make up on, we will have to deduct make up removal time from your treatment time. Arriving late will result us having less time for your treatment and we cannot guarantee being able to give you the full service.

London Lash Studio is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings left unattended.

"It was my first time having eyelash extensions and it was just great!! My lashes look so amazing, I got compliments 5 mins after walking out the door, a cute guy even asked me out on the way home! They definitely make a big difference in how sexy you feel. I felt so relaxed having them done and was given an after care pack. I was definitely pleased with my experience and will be going back" review left by Wahanda Customer Kathy


We use Premium Silk Lashes - These enhance the beauty of the natural eye in different ways. Eyelash extensions can be applied to look as natural or dramatic as you would like.
Low price can mean:
  • cheap poor quality products are being used;
  • Beautician doesn't spend enough time for the treatment and puts less lashes on your eyes;
  • Beautician has recently qualified and doesn't have enough work experience.

Client had this set done in one of the London beauty salons:

And this is our work:

Can you spot the difference?

Eyelash extensions is a relaxing process, taking an average of  1h30min - 2.30 hours for a full set.  Extension refills/infill are 60-75 minutes.
Eyelash extensions last an average of 5-6 weeks, if properly cared for. To have your eyelash extensions always looking their best fills are recommended 3 weeks from the initial application.
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are wonderful because they are completely low-maintenance. You cannot get the eyelash extensions wet for 24 hours after they are applied. You cannot use any oil based makeup removers or products on the lashes or around the eyes. And should you decide to use mascara, only water-based mascara can be used on these eyelashes. The best care for these lashes is to just keep the eye area clean, which is why they are so great – you will revel in the time it saves you in the morning when you pop out of bed looking bright-eyed as though your mascara and eye makeup is already done!
YES! After 24 hours you can go swimming with your extensions, work out, still enjoy your steam rooms, and normal everyday activity.
NO! The application is very relaxing process.
We carry the product line LONDON LASH. Its our own brand which was specially formulated to provide us with the longest lasting adhesive letting you enjoy your full set of extensions for up to six weeks!!
Yes, we have a variety of eyelash extensions lengths (7mm to 14mm), thicknesses (0,06mm, 0.07mm, 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm) and curls (B, C, CC, D, L) . We customize a look that works perfect for you!
Yes! and we offer pink, blue, green and purple lashes!
Of course! WHO said only women can have beautiful eyelashes? Eyelash extensions have been one of the best kept celeb guys beauty secrets untill recently. Professional Male Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are the hottest new trend to hit the beauty industry! We will choose exactly right lash length and thickness for you. We can give you super natural set of eyelashes which will enhance the beauty of your eyes. Nobody will notice your eyelash extensions BUT everyone will notice how good looking you are! 


To be the best, you need to be taught by the best. London Lash is not only the most reputable lash salon in the UK, but also the best training school in the industry. Having performed over 10,000 sets of eyelashes London Lash team is well experienced and at the forefront of all the latest eyelash extensions techniques. 

Director and head trainer of London Lash Hanna Putjato is a famous figure in eyelash extension industry.  She is regularly being invited to judge eyelash championships and speak at professional beauty conferences all over the world - from Asia and Europe to America and Australia. 

Training courses take place within the LONDON LASH PRO training academy. Classes are small (a maximum of 6-7 people), which means you get invaluable one to one time with your trainer. Our techniques are clear and concise and each individual student will come away feeling more confident and prepared for a career in eyelash extensions. 

All our training courses are accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists


Professional Shop

Want to be on the edge of lash artistry ?! London Lash offers high quality eyelash extensions products and equipment as well as professional training in UK and abroad.  




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Asmaa El-Kaddar

I have been having lash extensions for about 6 years and come across the good, the bad and the ugly of lash technicians and I have to say that hands down Rebekah at Lady Lash was by far the best lash technician I have come across. She is very diligent, with fantastic technique, giving you what you want with your lash health in mind. Ladies, you get what you pay for with lashes and Lady Lash certainly know what they are doing. Incredibly professional and a wonderful experience.


I had eyelashes for the first time a few months ago and they were brilliant! Lasted over 1 month and also I went on holiday where I went swimming in the sea and to a paint party, the lashes were completely fine! Very impressed.


It was my first time having eyelash extensions and it was just great!! My My lashes look so amazing, I got compliments 5 mins after walking out the door, a cute guy even asked me out on the way home! They definitely make a big difference in how sexy you feel. I felt so relaxed having them done and was given an after care pack. I was definitely pleased with my experience and will be going back


I am really happy with their service. I've been served by Rebecca and Tatiana, both are good, and really friendly! I've been there several times, and always walked out happy with the result. It is such a good value for the price. Very happy and highly recommend it!

Our location

London Lash Studio
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United Kingdom
t. 0203 7013 329
m. +4475 5182 8489

London Lash Pro Training
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Cannon Wharf
Pell Street
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t. 0203 6755 168

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Mon: 7am - 9pm
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